What should I read?

After a couple of years of mostly reading blogs, web content and newspaper articles, I doubled down on reading books again. Not just books with letters and words, but audio books as well. Audio books allow me to triple my monthly read-rate, and it actually gives me an impression of how many hours I spend reading.

Taking in audio books requires a focus on the content. I find it difficult to do anything else that requires a working brain – it will cause me to zone-out of the audio. But especially when traveling, I find it easy to spend many hours listening.

I prefer audio books over podcasts. The quality of podcasts is definitely going up, but nothing beats a well written book (yet).

Depending on the amount of pages, I am averaging 2,5 book per month now. I’ll add a section to the site, Books, to give small break-downs of the books I liked, hoping that it might trigger you to start reading it too.

Book suggestions are always welcome @ tb@timenbaart.com!