I help companies to identify and remove the barriers that keep their employees from becoming productive.

Over the years I have helped many organisations with all sorts of business challenges at Mijnstudentenleven, Gartner, and Linkedin. These business leaders, investors, HR and marketing & sales professionals all come to the same conclusion; the issues they are facing and the targets that they are trying to achieve all have one thing in common: they struggle to bring everyone on the journey towards solutions.

However, it is a misconception that human beings are the problem. Because human beings are the key to resolve any issue. Whether an organisation needs to sell more, innovate faster, change into a digital business, or grow at an extraordinary pace – people can and will make this happen. But only as soon as they trust you.

Current business metrics are often missing the human aspect, and that’s where I come in. Unlocking the human potential through trust. Designing communications for individuals to foster trust. Creating awareness of the impact of trust. Help you avoid those silly little mistakes that are often the cause of a trust drain.

I do this through:

  • Leading a team that helps organisations to measure and improve trust
  • Delivering trainings that create a trust impact
  • Build tools to measure trust
  • Assisting innovation and change management trajectories
  • Creating awareness through keynotes and focussed talks
  • Capturing my gained wisdom in a book

Let me know at if you think I can help you!