Timen Baart - Keynote Speaker

I am frequenting events to share my stories and insights about trust. If you hadn’t noticed yet, trust is the topic I assist organisations with, I write about, and I am deeply passioned about.

If it is also a topic that would be interesting for your audience (to tell you a secret – it is!), do hit me up. Let’s discuss what you and your audience are looking for, and how we can make them aware of the power of trust. It’s something that is both directly applicable in their business, and invaluable and lasting wisdom.

I speak about:

    • Why business builders, leaders, and management can’t ignore trust (and how they should deal with it)
    • Why trust is the key to engaging employees
    • Diversity vs. Trust
    • Why HR professionals should first and foremost care about trust (and how)
    • Innovation & Trust
    • Startups & Trust
    • Financial sector & Trust
    • The value of trust
    • The history of trust
    • Trust in a digital age
    • The implications of trust in society and beyond

There’s a lot more goodness that I can share. Please do drop me a line at tb@timenbaart.com, so that we can jump on a call and discuss what you’d require.