Why should we hire a consultant?

Why should you hire a consultant? An excellent question, with a diverse set of possible answers. I was asked this question recently, and decided to respond with a comparison that many people can relate to in their personal life. It convinced my prospect, and can maybe help you to make a considered decision. See a […]

The technology of facts

A short post, as it is time to correct something about blockchain. A common blockchain misconception is that it is the Technology of Trust (even Goldman Sachs brands it that way) What the blockchain does is increase transparency. Transparency influences trust: It reduces its need. Less trust is needed, as things are transparent. With blockchain […]

Accurate thinking

Over the past ~12 months I’ve been able to get back into the habit of reading. I consume both ‘real’ and audio books. In this day and age of podcasts, I am surprised that audiobooks haven’t gotten the entire world rooting for them. It’s so easy to absorb the content when commuting, going to the […]

We’re launching TrustXP

This is a post I’ve written for TrustXP, our trust measurement platform. Below I’m explaining what the team is building, why we’re doing what we’re doing and some insights into the roadmap. Let me know what you’re thinking! Original post: After months of research and coding, I’m proud to announce that we’re launching TrustXP: the […]

What should I read?

After a couple of years of mostly reading blogs, web content and newspaper articles, I doubled down on reading books again. Not just books with letters and words, but audio books as well. Audio books allow me to triple my monthly read-rate, and it actually gives me an impression of how many hours I spend […]

What does a growth hacker do?

In order to answer this question, we first have to establish what a growth hacker is. A growth hacker from a startup could be the exact same person as the digital marketer within a large corporate, or even a product manager at a tech firm. So there is not that much new under the sun. […]

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